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Blickley Family in Togo, West Africa

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The pond has small fish and lots of frogs.

 Zip Line across, or drop into the pond.






























If you are mentoring a young person or leading a youth group at your church, and want to enjoy one of the nearby attractions listed below,
 you're welcome to stop and camp here free.
Our phone number is: 1 616 536 1455.  Call us for directions and a reservation.


Tubing for 1&1/2 hour trip down the white river


Diamond Lake Public swimming 3 miles away

1 1/2 hour White River tubing 3 miles away.

National forest hiking 1/4 mile away.

Wild Flower Preserve Loda Lake 3 miles away.

Minnie Pond Water Fowl Refuge
waterfall and swimming 3 miles away


Swimming at Minnie Pond



Our farm-woods campground has chickens and an African bird (the size of a chicken) called Guinea Fowl.

Both the chickens and Guinea Fowl wander throughout our farm fields and camping area of the farm "free range".

These interesting African birds run away from people but eat many types of bugs that campers try to avoid elsewhere, especially ticks, grasshoppers,  fleas, ants, crickets, and stink bugs.

This beautiful, shaded, green FREE camping area is reserved for youth groups, our family, and friends .   Call us for directions and a reservation.

         We spend time during good weather in our Motor Home.
This converted military bus was used for youth groups for 20 yrs.
 This motor home has four twin size bunk beds.
Now...Our children and grandchildren have a great place to visit us.

The camping area has hand pump drinking water, restrooms, and electrical outlets.

Safety info. for outdoor enthusiasts

Trail  hiking in the Manistee National Forest

Swimming in Diamond Lake


Tubing on the White River

Swimming at  White Cloud Lake Park

If you visit and camp here at the right time, you can see real Blickley farming activity.

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