Why didn't candidate seek re-election

Why did Candidate think residents should re-elect him?

1. Bill witnessed the wisdom of consecutive term limits as Commissioner: 1984 - 1991
       Billís experience convinced him of the need, and a referendum verified that many people in Michigan wanted the consecutive terms of elected government office holders to be limited.
     After working many years in the community 
with city government and eight years in our city government Bill recognized and accepted the wisdom of consecutive term limits.
  He did not seek a third term in 1991.
    **He did seek re-election in 1999 but was not elected then.**
   LaVerne continued to enjoy
serving on the Grand Rapids Public library Board until  2011


2. Why did Bill think Third Ward residents should re-elect him in 1999?

     A. Bill brings a renewed perspective from continuing to work in the community.
For the past six years Bill  has energetically worked in his neighborhood and in the community to improve our city using his past experience in the City Hall political and professional environment.
Bill  continues to have great enthusiasm and many ideas for improving our city.

      B. Bill brings increased enthusiasm for community building.   
Bill believes that we must intensify our efforts to preserve and improve neighborhoods.  We must encourage residents and nurture good neighborhood housing, businesses, employment opportunities, educational institutions, churches, youth programs, and recreational facilities.

C. Bill brings a broader understanding and appreciation for the importance of youth

  a.  Bill  understands that we need to give more financial and administrative support to community sponsored youth programs and facilities, and to parents who struggle to provide adequate parental support.
     b.  Bill  understands that we need to raise the status of and give more recognition and honor to those who commit themselves to parenting and mentoring.

     D. Bill brings contemporary insight obtained with a Bachelors Degree in City Planning and a Masters Degree in Public Administration and City Management.
   Academic study has improved his ability to use the latest technology and understand the professional approaches to management, planning, and budgeting that city employees use to provide advice to the City Commission and services to city residents.

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