Volunteer Documentation Instructions


Free Computers for Students and their Families.

To qualify for a computer…

You must complete ten (10) hours of Service to your community*.


To: Non-Profit organization administrator or supervisor,

This student’s family needs help finding, doing, and documenting volunteer work to obtain a free computer.

We need a letter confirming at least ten (10) hours of volunteer community service done to get a computer. This service needs to be documented on an organizational letter head. It must show the hours and dates that the student and/or their family has worked, and what was accomplished by them. The letter must be signed by the person who supervised the volunteer work.

 Following is a description of what the student will receive when they have submitted proof of volunteer community service:

We are preparing a good used computer for the student that will allow a connection to the Internet, adequate memory and processor to make the computer run well, sound capability to let the student hear sound if they get speakers connected to the computer. The student will have Open Office (the office program that is used on the Grand Rapids Public Library, Microsoft Office Home and Business installed on their computer. These programs provide tools for word processing (writing letters and school papers), spreadsheet, (doing accounting type work), database, (organizing lists of people and things), and PowerPoint ( a program for public presentations). The computer will have the popular and familiar Windows 7 as the operating system.

We have been working hard to provide the best computer that we are able to provide with limited financial resources.

Because it is taking significant time and money to prepare the computer, we are asking that the student and their family also invest some volunteer time. We are requiring a total of 10 volunteer hours. They may contribute their volunteer effort to any non-profit, community organization of their choice. They then must submit a letter from the organization describing what they have done for them, how many hours that they have worked, and the dates of their volunteer work.

The volunteer hours must be current, not something done in the past, and not volunteer hours used for  class credit or other obligations.

We have been rebuilding computers since 1992, with great results for students and the community.

Sincerely, Bill & LaVerne Blickley