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These are Instructions for documenting your volunteer service
...for the exclusive purpose of earning a computer. 

Don't know where to volunteer?...
Call 211 or  Click Here
Second Harvest Gleaners Food Bank always needs volunteers. Call 784-3250

NOTICE: These instructions should be used by a non- profit organization for documenting volunteer work.
The non-profit organization should keep these instructions....Please do not give this page to Blickleys.

From: (Name of student) ______________________________ Student's Phone# _____________________

This information is to help Document Community Service... DO NOT give this page to Blickleys

     The person giving these instructions would like to volunteer for your organization to qualify for a computer from Wherever God Wills, a non-profit organization that will provide one upon completion of community service of not less than 10 hours. Please document that volunteer service was performed for the exclusive reason of earning a computer. 

Please use the following type of format on your organizationís official letterhead:

List the Name(s), Addresses, and Phone #s  of the people who performed the service. 

List the Dates when the service was performed - must be current time.

Describe the type of work done  (list exact nature of volunteer work detail.)

Signatures...  Have the person who supervised the work and/or the administrator of the non-profit organization ( sign and print their signature)

Date.... give the current date that the letter is written.

Give the Phone number of supervisor and/or administrator of your non-profit organization.

These are instructions for you to follow in documenting the hours of community service that will enable the student to have a computer. Thank you for giving the student the opportunity to serve the community while earning a computer.

Note: These instructions are provided for your convenience by Wherever God Wills - a non-profit organization providing computers to those who qualify, and perform a minimum of 10 hours of volunteer service to a non-profit organization...Please DO NOT give this page to Blickleys.

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